5 Tips for Scan to BIM

5 Tips for Scan to BIM

Have you built model using point cloud and met expectations?

SCAN to BIM Project.

#1 – Point Cloud is accurate.

SCAN to BIM provider we realized it’s not worth to achieve as accurate model as Point Cloud. Efforts to replicate existing construction into virtual world are complicated and time consuming. For example, in real world face of a wall may not be perfectly vertical and parallel to other wall. Modeling a non-vertical wall is time taking and not inline with Revit’s system wall family. This forces us to make assumption and model something practically achievable. Point Cloud is accurate but doesn’t work same way as Revit.

#2 – Develop consistency by making consistent assumptions.

#3 – Old School methods – still required.

#4 – Establish LOD 100 or 200

#5 – Available tools

  • Kubit VirtuSurv
  • Autodesk Revu
  • IMAGINiT’s Scan to BIM

SCAN to BIM model. This model for existing site condition can be used as reference for variety of functions from design alteration to asset and facility management.

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