6 Common BIM Mistakes

No matter what scale and size of project you deal with, soon clients will demand you to deliver projects using BIM.

Generally, an unplanned start using BIM forces your team to do random acts in the hope that something will work. Hope is not a strategy. When you have no strategy, you don’t even know what that destination is.


Don’t think that it just takes a high-spec computer and a copy of Revit to create a great design and expecting team to finish a project and establish your firm’s BIM capability, is not true. Its not a new tool for just drawing production, It’s a process.


You call a meeting to establish how your drawings should look like using BIM and hand over few pages from your old CAD standards manual, traditionally this is what you want to see in your drawings. Do not get stuck with line types and hatch patterns.


Successful BIM transition requires planning and a fresh approach to project design and management. It requires a processes that support the coordination between consultants and integrate with other’s design. Selecting team members, design and collaboration platforms, in addition to new project delivery methods, become critical to manage and keeping project profitable.


While many smaller firms do not have the workload to hire a full-time BIM Manager, the tasks which a BIM Manager performs within the firm is a necessity. Whether your firm has a full-time BIM Manager or someone within the firm capable of the role’s duties, ensuring the tasks are completed keep productivity up and frustrations down.


BIM technologies is not the biggest investment it’s the change management, which you have to put into effect within organisation. “BIM is about a process and that’s where the real cost will be. Full integration with other design teams is the core benefit threw the process.


BIM is about change in production process. To do this successfully, this process needs to be carried out methodically. You need to develop BIM Strategy and the steps for this to outlined how you communicate. a BXP will ensure what are the measurable outcomes you wish to achieve using BIM.

The transition from CAD to BIM is much more significant than manual drafting to CAD, as that was merely automation of the drafting process, resulting the output same, while BIM is intended to transform how project teams work

Common reason why most of the firms are not utilizing real potential of BIM, because they are not prepared to use BIM for entire Project Life Cycle. A simple BIM strategy is required to accelerate your efforts and streamlines team skills to overcome challenges. All it takes, time to learn best practices, methodologies and resolve complexity to develop BIM as favorable business solution.

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