Advisory Services


Gather insights and identify the organization’s vision statement, goals, and key processes.


Perform project feasibility, construction, and SWOT analysis for a seamless transition from CAD drafting to BIM implementation.


Identify potential dependencies from preliminary designing to constructional phase.

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To BIM or not to BIM?

With advancements in generative design, software algorithms, and robotic construction, our current project delivery processes will change quite a bit.  According to a research, 93% of building owners report projects as running over time, and 85% say projects exceed their agreed budget. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an important step towards optimizing these cost surges– redefining and challenging how we deliver projects in the construction industry. Whether firms are just getting started or are exploring BIM, a strategic roadmap is always the best foot forward in not only ensuring cost reduction but also keeping  an eye on their upfront investment.

An organization wants to make a smart choice by leveraging the best of the expertise and experience of a BIM provider to understand how their infrastructure will work at the design stage through analysis, simulation, and visualization, better decisions can be made today.

However, selecting a right partner for your organization could be exhausting and tricky.

weBIM is the smart pick to get started in the journey for the adoption of BIM, enabling teams to collaborate and predict performance.

Our comprehensive Advisory Services is designed to define roadmap tailored to your organizational needs. A sequential approach is followed to foster smooth transitions, maximize revenue and minimize training overheads.

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Do you have a BIM project in mind?