Implementation and Deployment

BIM Guidelines

Map the BIM protocols with the organization’s project management approach to set up an internal BIM procedure and how the various requirements can be met.

Template Creation

Create project templates in accordance to implement company graphic standards, details, naming conventions and other settings specific to the project and the business.

BIM Standards and LOD

Design documentation for organization’s drawing standards, extent of modeling and coordination process for internal team and other project partners.

BIM Content Development

Create organized and centralized libraries to maximize project efficiency and team productivity by means of accurate 3D and graphical BIM elements.

Implementation and Deployment Image 1

Make the move to BIM

Intent for the organization undergoing a BIM transformation are tangibly connected to the integrated change and adoption of new business practices.

Implementation phase encompasses development of best practices, office standards and addition of elements to the template, such as project phases, annotation types, view templates, schedules and families.

weBIM refines the work procedures, determine the goals achieved and creates new BIM objectives and plans to take the project to the next BIM level. It assists in advancing the integration of BIM technology and deployment of comprehensive BIM standards and processes to control BIM projects enabling all stakeholders to understand and adhere to them.

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