Delivering a coordinated project Experience

The ultimate objective of using VDC is to achieve cost and schedule benefits by implementing BIM and set guidelines to Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of project team collaboration by providing a standardized approach of project data utilization and a mutual understanding of common goals.

weBIM can help in describe the BIM process as a means to bring all stakeholders up to speed as they engage in the process throughout its duration and maximize coordination efficiency through consistent implementation. We ensure BIM quality, by defining best practices to ensure effective and efficient delivery and exchange of high quality uniform output across an entire project. BIM models are reviewed for accurate structuring enabling efficient data sharing in collaborative environment across multi-disciplinary teams.

weBIM provides virtual construction management including site logistics, sequencing and analysis of means/methods of construction, cost analysis to the field, facilitate planning and clash detection in advance. The data contained in these models is valuable to proactively expedite coordination between engineering teams, assisting them to identify, resolve and manage interferences, plan to execute complex building projects.


Clash Detection

Identify, inspect and resolve clashes for specific subset of disciplines by integrating each of them into federated models for holistic approach in project construction, resulting in reduced RFI and change orders.

Site Logistics

Plan logistics for constructional sites to control and manage inventory in motion and at rest for improved efficiency.


As Built-Modeling

Develop record drawings, changes and deviation documentation from initial designs occurring during construction required by clients as contractual obligation.

Constructability Analysis

Facilitate contestation of key areas in the project to decrease the time and cost during project management.


Construction Sequence Simulation

Discover process inefficiencies by analyzing construction sequencing and visualize logistical issues ahead of time.

Cost Analysis

Estimate costs to determine an accurate perspective of required resources based on schedules.


Facility Management and Integrations

Embed parameters required for facility management systems like MAXIMO to manage in-model.

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